• Jun 24, 2013
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A Natural, Sustainable, Beautiful Partnership


Carpet One’s Just Shorn® collection is a natural, sustainable and renewable option for customers in the carpet market today. The wool carpets are sourced from farmers in the New Zealand countryside who dedicate their lives to all-natural forms of the production of wool from their sheep. The farms maintain high standards of environmental care and animal welfare to ensure the protection of their sheep’s health and safety. As a cooperative, the growers are free to work how they choose to complete their goals. The farms are all independently owned and run, and just like the members of Carpet One, they support their local communities on a daily basis.

The wool these farms produce is among the finest in the world. It naturally repels flame and water, insulates heat and removes pollutants and allergens from the air. It is also 100% biodegradable and will release valuable nutrients into the earth at the end of its life. Wool is a completely renewable resource that will only help the earth after its use in a carpet.

To learn more about Just Shorn®, New Zealand and the farmers that raise the sheep, visit the website here.

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